Custom fixturing holds parts in place to ensure reliable measurements every time. A good custom fixture will simplify loading and unloading while optimizing space on your coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

CMI Technology Custom Fixturing Capabilities & Process

Manufacturers rely on CMMs to provide highly accurate measurements of the geometry of physical parts. Coordinate measuring machines can measure any type of part or component, after which quality technicians use the measurements to compare its accuracy against the design specifications.

Whether measuring with laser, white light, optical probes, or mechanical measuring devices, users require reliable results to ensure that manufactured goods remain within appropriate tolerances and specifications. Obtaining an accurate measurement with a CMM requires a work holding solution to firmly hold the workpiece in place without obstructing its geometric features.

At CMI Technology, our custom fixturing capabilities go hand-in-hand with CMM. Our custom fixtures ensure that the workpiece is always held securely and conveniently for accurate measurement. The experts at CMI have developed extensive experience creating custom fixtures for a wide range of applications across industries. We strive to ensure that all custom fixture solutions produced at CMI will allow any operator to measure and load parts without the need for extensive training.

As a small company, we maintain the flexibility necessary to adapt to the needs of each individual customer. Our portfolio of capabilities includes CNC precision machining and traditional toolmaking, ensuring that we can build even complex solutions in-house.

Benefits of Custom Fixturing

Custom fixturing offers a wealth of benefits:

  • Firmly fixing parts in place ensures accurate and repeatable measurements.
  • By design, our custom fixturing simplifies the CMM process, ensuring that any operator can load and measure parts and components.
  • Custom fixturing allows operators to choose the place and angle of the CMM and any related equipment to optimize the use of space and provide ergonomic operation for users.
  • Processes go more quickly, allowing for faster inspection and optimized use of time for operators.